Summer Handicap

Course Description

The start will be at the far exit of Beckenham Sports Club (between the Bus stop and Foxgrove Avenue).

Head towards Southend Road and then right into Beckenham Place Park road. At the junction (Blue circle on the map) take the right hand fork and follow to the end where it joins Westgate road.

Turn left onto the track to the left of the gate, after 10m bear right (Green circle) up a narrow dirt path that joins the main trail path.  Stay on this trail and follow it round to the left at all times.  After descending you will go over a small stream and then start a steady incline up to the left where you will pass a squirrel sculpture on the right (Yellow circle).

Follow this path around the front of the house and then to the right by  the side of the house towards the car park.  At the top, bear left and follow the road down through the park and the gate at the bottom, bringing you back onto Beckenham Place Park road.

At the junction (Blue circle) take a left and follow the same route in the park for a second lap.  On the second lap proceed straight on at the junction and retrace your route back to towards the start.

The finish will be at the bus shelter just beyond the centre exit of Beckenham Sports Club.

The new course is exactly 5Km.

Course Map