Current standing for the 2019 Handicap

What is the handicap?

A 3.5 (Winter) or 3.1 (Summer) mile against the clock and other club members every month, with start times handicapped based on your previous performance

Why do the handicap

  • You get accurate times to chart your progress
  • It’s sociable and you get to compare yourself with others, which provides useful pacing guidance for real races
  • You get to complain about your start time to the marshal for the evening
  • You can win a big prize at the Christmas party and earn the respect or suspicion of your club friends
  • It’s a handicap which means it is handicapped to your time, so it is totally fair, so you can take on the rest of the club
  • You get faster if you do them, and that’s got to be a least partly the point.

The handicap takes place on the second Wednesday of each month (except January), just turn up at the usual time and collect a race number from the timekeepers.


  • The 1st person back gets as many points as there are runners.¬† Each subsequent runner will get 1 less point, so if there were 40 runners, 1st would get 40, 2nd 39 … all the way back to the last person back who gets 1 point.
  • You get half points (half the number of runners) the 1st time you mentor or help timekeeping

Winter Route

Our winter route is a 3.5m circuit on the roads around the perimeter of Beckenham Place park, starting and finishing outside Beckenham Sports Club.

Handicap Course

Summer Route

Our summer route is 5Km (3.1 miles) with 2 x 2Km laps within Beckenham Place park, and finishing outside Beckenham Sports Club.

Full course description and map