Assembly League

The Assembly League is a series of 6 road races during the summer” from April to September that are only open to a select number of clubs in the South East (including BRC). Typically, they are on the first Thursday evening of the month and start around 19:30. Each race is fast paced and highly competitive across the full range of abilities, with a distance of approximately 5km for all.

Scoring is based on finishing positions of the entire team (male and female separately), with a minimum team size of 4 to count. There are prizes awarded at the end of the series (final race) for clubs with the highest results and individual age category’s.

The first and last races are in Beckenham, the second and penultimate at Victoria Park (East London), and the middle two vary year on year.

Race entry is paid for by the club, so it’s a great opportunity to challenge yourself and represent the club.

There is a Facebook group with further details: Facebook Group

2023 Schedule

All races are on the first Thursday of the month.

Race Date Start Time Location Distance
1 6th Apr 19:15 Beckenham Place Park  ~5km
2 4th May 19:30 Victoria Park 3.5 miles
3 1st Jun 19:30 TBC  
4 6th Jul 19:30 TBC  
5 3rd Aug 19:30 Victoria Park 3.5 miles
6 7th Sept 19:15 Beckenham Place Park ~5km

Race 1 at Beckenham Place Park has been cancelled.

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