Current standing for the 2018 Handicap

What is the handicap?

A 3.5m circuit on the roads around the perimeter of Beckenham Place park, starting and finishing outside Beckenham Cricket Club.

Why do the handicap

  • It’s a great way to train, to run your bits off once in a while
  • You get accurate times to chart your progress, or decline
  • It’s sociable and you get to compare yourself with others, which provides useful pacing guidance for real races
  • You get to complain about your start time to the marshal for the evening
  • You can win a big prize at the Christmas party and earn the respect or suspicion of your club friends
  • It’s a handicap which means it is, um, handicapped to your time, so it is totally fair, so you can take on the rest of the club
  • It’s over much quicker than a normal run
  • You get faster if you do them, and that’s got to be a least partly the point.

We urge everyone to take part and strut their stuff. Second Wednesday of each month, just turn up at the usual time and look for someone with a table, a chair, a stack of race numbers, and a put-upon expression. Don’t be shy, run in the handicap!

Handicap Course