Grand Prix 2020

All fixtures can also be seen on the club calendar (This can be automatically synced with your phone/tablet – see page for instructions)

Full details of what the Grand Prix is and the scoring system can be found here.

Grand Prix Fixtures

January – Mob Match with Blackheath & Bromley – 12th January (Attendance mandatory) –

February – Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon (Kent GP) – 16th February –

March – BVAC 5 miles (Sparrows Den) – 22nd March –

April – Ted Pepper 10k (Kent GP) – 8th May (Yes I know it’s not in April) –

May – Westminster Mile – 24th May – *** DO NOT ENTER YET, WE WILL FIND A VICTIM TO CO-ORDINATE!

June – High Elms 10k (Kent GP) – 14th June –