Le Morceau de Gateaux Est Retournee

South London’s favourite cake-shaped cycle sprint got of to a measured start with times posted unlikely to threaten the current sub 4 club record.

A mix of vehicles,  including a fixi and an electrical powered nonsense ensure that the piece-of-cake’s reputation for fielding creative cycling solutions remains undimmed. And congratulations sophie for a) turning up on a proper bike and b) doing so well only a few days after the marathon.

p.s. the winner was nicky as I think she was the only one to turn up with her crash helmet, so the rest of us are all disqualified anyway.

                  Left Leg          Right Leg

Andy H     4.50                4.47

Sophie      4.44                 4.44

Stuart        4.39                4.40

Steve F     4.47                4.48

Nicky        5.15                5.23

Ben            4.45*             4.44

*battery on the woosh was only turned on for the left leg.

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