The Piece of Cake is back

Following intensive resurfacing of the majority of the course after we wore it out with time-trials last winter, Jennifer reports that the track is now back up to Olympic* quality.

The first Piece of Cake will therefore take place at 7:30 pm meeting on the corner, of Hayes Way and Whitecroft way on Tuesday 29th of June.

For full previous details see the “piece of cake” tags : But in a brief recap.

1. This is an informal sprint cycle race where cyclist go off in 30 second intervals and complete a short triangular course as quick as they can.

2. Each cyclist has two legs.

3. Riders are disqualified for reckless abandonement of their pump.

Current Records:

  • Fastest Male Senior – 4:05 – Nolan Willikins
  • Fastest Folder – 4:28 Will Withecombe
  • Most Rubbish Bike – 5:17 Will Withecombe (Halfords £89 BMX Class)
  • Fastest Male Vet – 4:16 – Ben Calascione
  • Fastest Vet Lady – 4:58  Jennifer Hamley
  • Fastest Senior Lady – 5:05 Melanie Burdett
  • Fastest Super Vet – 5:14 Colin Logier
  • * As in Olympia 776 BC. Possibly

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    2 Responses to The Piece of Cake is back

    1. mellie says:

      4.41 is senior lady time to beat. Do I get promoted to vet status now?

    2. Admin2 says:

      ‘Each cyclist has two legs’ – Yeah, 3 legged cyclists are banned.

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