Grand Prix 2015

All fixtures can also be seen on the club calendar

Full details of what the Grand Prix is and the scoring system can be found here.

Summer/ Autumn Half

July – Myra Garrett 10k

When: Sunday 12th July @ 11:00
Distance: 10Km
Terrain: Underlating, Trail
GP Grading: TBA
Location: Danson Park, Bexley (Google Maps)
Cost: £13
Website: DetailsOnline Entry

August – Battersea 10k

When: Sunday 9th August @ 09:00
Distance: 10Km
Terrain: Flat, Fast, Road
GP Grading: TBA
Location: Battersea Park (Google Maps)
Cost: £16
Website: Details,  Online Entry

September – Dryhill 10

When: Sunday 6th September @ 10:30
Distance: 10m
Terrain: Hilly
GP Grading: TBA
Location: Lingfield (Google Maps)
Cost: £11
Website: Online Entry

October – Tonbridge Half

When: Sunday 4th October @ 10:00
Distance: Half Marathon
Terrain: Flat, Fast, Road
GP Grading: TBA
Location: Tonbridge (Google Maps)
Cost: £18 (Includes Technical T-Shirt and goody bag)
Website: Details,  Online Entry

November – Brighton 10k

When: Sunday 15th November @ 09:30 (TBC)
Distance: 10km
Terrain: Flat, Fast, Road
GP Grading: TBA
Location: Brighton (Google Maps)
Cost: £14
Website: Details,  Online Entry

December – Dulwich Parkrun

When: Saturday 12th December @ 09:00
Distance: 5Km
Terrain: Flat, Fast, Road
GP Grading: TBA
Location: Dulwich Park (Google Maps)
Cost: FREE
Website: Details

Winter / Spring Half

January – Blackheath & Bromley Mob Match

When: Sunday 11th January @ 10:30
Distance: ~10Km Cross Country
GP Grading: 10 / 10
Location: Sparrows Den, HQ at B&B, Hayes, BR2 7EY
Cost: ~£3.50
Website: Blackheath & Bromley
Results & Report

Feburary – Greenwich Meridian 10Km

When: Sunday 1st March @ 10:00
Distance: 10Km
GP Grading: 3 / 10
Location: Greenwich Park
Cost: £13.50
Website: Details, Course Map and Online entry

March – Paddock Wood Half Marathon

When: Sunday 29th March @ 09:30
Distance: Half Marathon
GP Grading: 2 / 10
Location: Paddock Wood, Tonbridge
Cost: £20
Website: Details and Online entry

April – Darrent Valley 10k

When: Sunday 19th April @ 8:30
Distance: 10Km
GP Grading: 3 / 10
Location: The Anthony Roper School, High Street, Eynsford, Kent DA4 0AA
Cost: ~£13
Website: Details

May – Ted Pepper 10K

When: Monday 4th May @ 10:00
Distance: 10Km
GP Grading: 3.75 / 10
Location: Norman Park, Bromley
Cost: ~£12
Website: Details and Course Map

June – Eltham 5

When: Sunday 31st May @ 11:15
Distance: 5m
GP Grading: 3.25 / 10
Location: Eltham
Cost: £8
Website: Online Entry

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